mandag 14. november 2011

News of the World - "Thank You & Goodbye"

Rupert Murdoch
The competition between the newspapers is tough and intense, and most of the journalists are willing to do whatever it takes to get the best news first. However, some years ago the tabloid named News of the World showed us a new way of gaining stories. News of the World (NoW) were accused for using phone-hacking to get the most juicy news, which appeared to be right.

News of the World started it's career as a broadsheet by John Brown Bell in 1843, and made it all the way to become a tabloid in 1984. They mainly wrote about celebrity scoops, and their affection for sex scandals was to give them the nicknames "News of the Screws" and "Screws of the World". But after 168 years in circulation, NoW's  director Rupert Murdoch had to cut an end to the tabloid. They were caught  hacking voicemail messages, only to get the best and most extraordinary news first. But even though NoW was the one to get caught this time, I don't think that they are the only news paper using this metode. 

You can wonder how anybody ever could unveil their immoral 
way of collecting gossip. For years there had been rumour 
of the illegal actions.  But in April 2011 the people who claimed 
they had been exposed for it as well as the world press forced Mr. Murdoch to admit it.

Milly Dowler  (13)
The provoking factor that revealed the scandal, was the case about the murdered teenager Milly Dowler.  When Milly disappeared in 2002, everyone thought she was murdered. However, her phone showed recent activity, so the investigators and her family lived in the hope that the missing teenager was still alive. But later on, investigators found that Milly Dowler wasn't the one using her telephone, it was the News of the World who was deleting the read voicemails, so that they had room for more. This case was the starting point of nine years of lawsuits and interviews against the newspaper. And on 17 August 2011 The News of the World's last edition signed off with headline "Thank You And Goodbye".

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