tirsdag 20. desember 2011

"Project Lesotho"

Lesotho in South Africa 

In my English class we think it is very interesting to be in touch with other countries. We write to some other students in Singapore, comment on blogs from all over the world and participate in for example worldwide blog competitions. Although this is a great opportunity for us, the  most exiting part of our work is our newly established project, Project Lesotho. The purpose of the project is to collect money for Mamoeketsi Primary School  in Lesotho.

Lesotho is a small country surrounded by South Africa. Even though the country gained independency in 1966 it is dependent on their surrounding country. Most of the population is quite poor, which is why international organizations like PLAN, are established in the country. They are providing money for health care and education, mainly through supporters from western Europe and other wealthy countries. For example, I am each month sending money to a child and her family in Uganda. Through external help, the poor countries like Lesotho are gaining a better economy and the people in these countries are getting a more proper living standard.

Moliehi Sekese
As mentioned earlier, we have chosen to support Mamoeketsi Primary School. The reason why we chose this particular school in Lesotho, is because our teacher Ann has some contact with a teacher there named Moliehi Sekese . We have received letters from some of the students, thanking us for the money that was collected for them earlier this year. One class even wrote a poem in their letter. For the money that was given to them, they bought some computers, food and health care. So what we are collecting money for now, is provision of internet to the computers. Last week we were selling buns and coffee near our school and in Oslo.

I was very touched when we read the letters in class. We sat in a circle, reading them to each other and talked about it. Even though I often read about children in poor countries, it is quite remarkable when it gets personal. The fact that we know that the money made a difference makes me so happy. To see how the students are doing now, three students from the Intentional  English classes and a teacher have gotten the opportunity to go to Lesotho in the forthcoming Easter. Akershus Fylkeskommune has decided to provide 70 000 kr for us to travel. I really hope that I am going to be one of the three lucky students!

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  1. I hope so too Kaja! Wich everyone could come. It will be an amazing trip I am sure. I'm glad you are involved in the project and that you too find it touching to read the letters. Let's hope we get to help them a lot.